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Easy meal planning for bodybuilders.

From defining your goals to getting your groceries, we've got your back.

We help you find out what your body needs, whether you're cutting or bulking.
Combine delicious and muscle-building meals that match your meal plan goals.
Go mobile and have your meal plan and shopping list at hand, anywhere.

Not convinced? Check out these member-made plans.

  • Bulk MAX

    +1 kg/week
    77 kg 182 cm 12% bodyfat
    Banana oats quark walnut risotto...
  • Cutting

    -0.5 kg/week
    86 kg 190 cm 12% bodyfat
    Milk, bread, whey, tuna, quark...
  • Meal plan

    -0.5 kg/week
    52 kg 167 cm 21% bodyfat
    Rice, nuts, tuna, granola, tea...

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