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Do you want to get really big?

Your diet is 75% of the fight.

Bulkbites. EASY Meal Planning for Bodybuilders.

From defining your goals to getting your groceries, we've got your back.

Find your bodybuilding body type, cutting or bulking
We help you find out what your body needs, whether you're cutting or bulking.
Create a bodybuilding meal plan and personalize
Combine muscle-building foods into your personal meal plan, easily.
Go mobile and have your bodybuilding meal plan at hand, everywhere.
Go mobile and have your meal plan and shopping list at hand, anywhere.

Set your goals and hit those goals. We'll help you out.

Healty muscle foods

Getting started is easy.

We'll help you create your first plan in a guided tutorial. Use our video tutorials to continue your journey.


Save time.

Use our templates, or your own plans, as a starting point for new plans.

Macro wizard

Don't worry about your macros

Use our Macro Wizard to find your macros. Or enter them manually.

Different goals

Plan any diet you want.

Set different calorie and macro goals for any day of the week.

Custom food recipes

Use your own foods & recipes.

Easily add your favorite foods and recipes to your plans.

Healty muscle foods

Never loose track of meals.

Store your favorite Foods and Recipes in your personal Food Inbox.

Healty muscle foods

Feel good about your meals.

We regularly add healthy, muscle building recipes to our database.


Optimize existing recipes.

Add, or remove ingredients from existing recipes and use them.

Tutorial videos to help you getting started. And more.

Our BB Search Algorithm™
makes searching through 1000's of recipes a breeze

Find your bodybuilding body type, cutting or bulking
Set the EXACT macros of the meal you are looking for.
Create a bodybuilding meal plan and personalize
Get the best results. We'll SCALE the recipes for you to get the perfect fit.
Prepare the meal as it is, or customize the recipe by adding CUSTOM ingredients
Prepare the meal as it is, or CUSTOMIZE the recipe by adding custom ingredients.

Track your Macro Intake during the day. Pro Style.

Have your plans at hand, anywhere

View your recipes on your mobile
Have your plans at hand, anywhere
Go mobile and have your bodybuilding meal plan at hand, everywhere.

" is going to be a rising star in the online fitness community very quickly"
- Brandon Harrison

"Might be the most mouthwatering experience yet!"
- Marc David

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Never lose track of your favorite meals again. We'll store them in your personal Food Library™
Have maximum control over what and when you are eating. With our Daily Nutrient statistics
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